Introduction to Investment Casting Method


Investment casting, also known as wax loss casting, is a long-standing metal forming process. The copper ban during the Spring and Autumn period in China was the earliest known lost wax casting method.

The first step is to create a mold, which injects liquid wax into the mold to form a wax mold. Then, the wax mold is pasted into a pouring system according to the casting process, and the entire pouring system is made into a silica sol shell. After dewaxing, the entire shell becomes a cavity. After roasting, the cavity shell can be poured with molten steel, and after cooling, the steel product is formed. Subsequently, through processes such as cutting and grinding, sandblasting, heat treatment, correction, welding repair, electroplating, and machining, the casting products required by customers are formed.

Copper Prohibition - Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period

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