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Cement spraying is an important part of road construction, and in traditional construction, cement slurry spraying is mainly completed by manpower. Artificial spraying of cement powder can easily generate dust, which not only harms the health of construction workers, but also pollutes the environment. There are defects such as high manpower investment, uneven distribution, poor distribution effect, and many safety hazards. The birth of cement slurry distributor has successfully solved these problems. The XJS500 cement slurry distributor and XJS350E cement slurry distributor, developed and produced by Xuzhou Xinyuan Construction Road Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinyuan Company), are excellent representatives. They have the characteristics of easy to use, simple operation, precise distribution, reliable quality, excellent performance, strong power, and efficient construction, allowing construction personnel to stay away from dust pollution, It is loved by road users for its reliable quality and high cost-effectiveness.

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