Prospects for the Development of Precision Casting


The products obtained by investment casting are precise and complex, close to the final shape of the parts, and can be directly used without or with little processing. It is an advanced process of near net formation and an excellent process technology in the casting industry, with a wide range of applications. It is not only suitable for casting various types and alloys, but also produces castings with higher dimensional accuracy and surface quality than other casting methods. Even complex, high-temperature resistant, and difficult to machine castings that are difficult to cast using other casting methods can be cast using investment casting precision casting.

At present, the investment casting forming process in the world is developing rapidly and widely used. From the current situation, the future development trend of this process is that casting products are increasingly close to component products, and traditional precision castings are only used as blanks, which is no longer suitable for the rapid changes in the market. The complexity and quality level of component products are increasing, and research and development methods are becoming stronger. Professional collaboration is beginning to emerge, and the application of CAD, CAM, and CAE has become the main technology for component product development.

Based on the current development situation, the application of investment casting technology is very extensive, and its future development prospects are expected to be broad.

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