Production Process

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Technical Parameter

The company focuses on producing investment casting products with small batches, short lead times, high accuracy, complex structure, great surface quality, with stable quality control and stable production supply.

Product Specifications


5g~45 kg


1200 x 850 x 500 mm

Main Materials

Carbon Steel:S15C (AISI1015) / S20C / S25C / S45C (AISI1045) / S55C
Low Alloy Steel:SCM415 / SCM435 (AISI4135) / SCM440 (AISI4140) / SNCM220 (AISI8620) / SNCM415 / SUJ2

Stainless Steel:SCS1 / SUS303 (AISI303) / SUS304 (SCS13) (AISI304) / SUS316 (SCS14) (AISI316) / SUS316L (AISI316L) / SUS420J2 / SUS430
Heat Resistant Steel:SCH2 / SCH13 / SCH18 / SCH21 / SCH22 / SCH24
Chisel Tool Steel:SK5 / SKS3 / SKD11 / SKD12 / SKH51
Precipitation Hardened Steel:SUS630 (SCS24)

The above are regular materials, more materials available according to customer requirements.

 Tolerance Reference